Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Swimmy 'do

We always do some sort of braid for water play. It just keeps things in line a little better. ;)

Okay, so this is the best way I have found to do french braids from the bottom up. This technique will even help you do them on your own hair! ;) To start, separate every section that you'll be putting a braid in. This next step is the key...
Now, you want to divide the section your braiding by clipping back each row that will go into the braid. Start with the ending section and just keep going. You can do this for any french braid. It really makes it easier to keep the rows even and keeps your hands free for the braiding. You just take out each section as you go, split it in half and add to the sides like you would with any french braid.
So, in the end I did three french braids up and put everything in a messy bun. I really like how cute this looked! ;)
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