Thursday, July 15, 2010

Surfer Girl Simple Do

It was Wet'n'Wild Days at our Zoo again, so Sis needed an out-of-her-eyes-do. However, she asked to leave her hair down, and even with bangs, it still gets in the way when she plays in water. So, I gave her a classic surf girl style.

These first two pics are after she had played in the water... twice. So her hair had been soaked and dried again two times and was still out of her eyes and, I thought, looked cute. ;)
Okay, to start, we had some wavy hair left over from her style the day before- a french twist on each side. You don't have to have waves/curls, but I think it's cute for this style.
Brush the hair straight back and let it fall into a natural part. Next, make a braid on one side, leaving out bangs or a small strand near the face, if desired. I think this makes it look more natural.
Have your little one hold up the top half of her hair and secure the bottom of the braid to a small section underneath, right against the scalp. This is commonly done for "hair-headbands". You can then let the rest of the hair fall back down.
Do the same for the other side. Sis still has some very short pieces from her brother's styling attempt, so I started hers as a french braid just at the top and then switched to a straight braid. (I know, I talk about the hair fiasco with Sis's bangs all the time... probably because it drives me nuts EVERY time I fix her hair! ;)
So you let all the hair fall where it might, which will at least be out of her eyes thanks to those braids. ;) It would be pretty to add a few spirals throughout, and I might have had we not been heading to get soaked by a fire engine! ;)

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