Friday, July 23, 2010

Simple Side Pony... & some frizzies ...

So this is a super simple 'do! Little Miss is getting her hair cut tomorrow, so I didn't want anything that would be difficult to take out. But we still needed it all up on such a HOT day! ;)

Part the hair, divide it into a few sections. Add some pull-throughs, the last one going back rather than down. And last, pull everything into a high side ponytail. Voila!
Oh yeah, the frizzy part... Little Miss has Very fine hair, so I have to use extra conditioner/detangler/texturizer every time I fix it. And this is what I get when I don't! The rest of her hair was still wet, but those baby hairs just pop up right away.  I guess the positive side of this is that her hair will be thicker in about 6-7 months. ;)
Modeling was a tough job today...
Well, not that tough! ;)

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