Friday, July 2, 2010

Red Villa Headband

Don't know if anyone will love this headband as much as me, but I was just pleased as punch! ;)
I made this to match a new outfit of Sis's from the Red Villa Baby Gap line. There's a funky and simple style here too...

First, for the headband... I used organza ribbon in crimson and just off-white to make a huge bow. It is attached to a mega thin headband and topped off with a crocheted butterfly. So pretty! ;)
For the hair... This took less than 5 minutes, really! I just grabbed a section of hair, no parting, and twisted it. Fold the twist over itself and wrap an elastic around it. I did this all the way around her head, leaving pieces sticking out all over the place! A little crazy and super messy, but we got more compliments than almost any other hair style I've done. ;)
She wore this style to dance that night and tumbling... it stayed up and out of her face and everyone thought it was cute. Bonus! ;)
Can you tell who picked the shoes?! ;) ~ Sis was being really sweet that day, so I just clicked away. And then she had to throw some diva in there... yeah, this last one is all Sass! ;)
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