Thursday, July 29, 2010

Overlapping Angled Puff Braids

Before we get started with today's 'do, I want to say thanks to everyone who has entered the giveaway. Your comments are very sweet and greatly appreciated! For those who emailed or are planning to email me pics: I had asked for you to share your hairstyles for an extra entry... I am planning to put these photos in a future post. If you would like yours left out, please just let me know. ;)

If you haven't entered the giveaway yet, check here for more details. Thanks again to everyone for your support! I was thrilled to see that I have 99 wonderful people following my blog, WOW! ;)

Right, now on to the hair...
This is my new favorite style. I have done pigtails, a low ponytail, 1/2 up, and this one. I think this time looked the best, but I'll list some more with this basic idea. I just love the way it looks! ;)
This is a VERY simple style to do; it just looks a little more complex....
You are going to make puff braids loosely in the hair. But instead of lining them up with each other, you want to make each section a very thin triangle and over-lap them.
I did the top to the crown of her head, leaving out a little on the left side for the high pony later.
Next, start from the bottom in the opposite corner from where the pony will be. I did two rows, but as I said before... you will over-lap the sections. It is kind of like a very thin zig zag part, but it continues all the way to the edges. Does this make any sense? ;)
This is just a picture of the high ponytail. It is just a little bit of hair, most of her hair I used for the "braids".
Add the pieces one or two at a time, making sure they lay properly before securing with an elastic. At this point, you can pull them tighter or loosen them so they will be straight. The idea is for the sections to be a little poofy, but not bumby or uneven. It's easier than it might sound! ;)
We finished the style with a quick messy bun and flower clip to match her outfit. Add a sweet smile and you're done! (Did I say sweet? I meant mischievous!)

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