Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Lauren MIBI Hair... for Short Hair

I saw this style a few days ago and have really wanted to try it out!
This time I decided to post a picture of Lauren's actual style.

Her style is really adorable, but I made a few adjustments for Little Miss's shorter hair. To start, section out the front middle and add an elastic a few inches from the scalp. This is a great way to make that bump without back-combing.
Lauren's hair on the sides was braided down and then the ends were pulled up and around the ponytail. For Little Miss, I braided the section starting by her ears and continued up to the top, finishing the braid to the ends and secured with an elastic. Also, I think Lauren's was a french braid and I did cornrows to make them show up more. ;)
Again, because of Miss Sass's length, I added some pull-throughs and an extra pony to keep the back in place.
The last step is to pull everything into a high ponytail. ---If I did this one again, I would make two changes. First, I would make the ponytail even higher on Miss Sass's head. Second, I would put the side braids together with the "bump" to make them a little more secure.---
Oh, to get the bump, you just want to leave some slack in that piece when you add it to the ponytail. This will push the hair forward giving you a nice bouf at the front. Okay, that's it! ;)

If you have a little one with longer hair, check out Amber's version at The Wright Hair ... it's awesome! ;)
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