Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giveaway Time! All NEW items! ;)

I just love to do Giveaways!

New from Kathy's Krafts, these are totally unique clay sculptures for bedroom decor! My mom-in-law is super creative!. We love all of her things, but these new princess tiaras and shoes are just TDF! ;)

I loved these SO much (if you can't tell), I already got this ballet piece in pink!
If you are looking for hair accessories -this is a hair blog, after all- here are some new items from my shop! I am so excited about these flowers! I have been working on them for awhile and I am very pleased with the finished product! ;)

The best part about these is that they are washable. That's right, wash-a-ble. ;) The pearls are hand sewn so they are very secure. I recommend cold water and air drying. ;)
Then we have a new bow style. It is difficult to tell from this pic, but it stands very high when worn and looks super cute! This one has cute lettering: laugh, giggle, smile! ;)
Brown and pink... always popular!
And finally, from my new POSH line... ruffly, fluffy, fancy, frilly clips! ;)

Well, I know that is a ton of choices, but I just love this stuff! ;) The winner will get to choose one item from any of the pictures. So, here is how to enter:

1. Give me some feedback... an honest opinion of my blog. Do you like the pics, are there too many? Should I do more tutorials, more bows? Do I talk too much? -Wait, don't answer that one! ;) Really, anything helpful! ;)

2. Follow my blog.

3. Blog about the Giveaway.

4. Visit my shop and let me know what you like/want to see more of.

5. Share pics of your little one's hairstyle by emailing me at merynne@gmail.com

6. Facebook/Tweet/etc. about the Giveaway.

So that is six entries! Please comment separately for each one. I'd really love to give everyone another chance to win... so, if I reach 100 followers before the giveaway ends next week, I will draw a 2nd winner! ;) Good luck and thanks so much for following!
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