Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fabulous, Step by Step

Just in case anyone missed it, there is a GIVEAWAY in the post about Sissy's recital. http://tinydiva.blogspot.com/2010/07/be-my-little-baby-bumblebee.html
A pair of hairbows available to one lucky winner, so comment away! ;)

And now for the 'do that I did for Sissy's Faboulous photos... The up close, step by step pics I took of this hairstyle...

I started, as usual, by separating two sections in front and holding them back. I put the bottom into a low side ponytail. (Oh, and please ignore the sand... we have it under their playground/fort and it's always in her hair!)
Next, I parted the front into smaller sections and started some french braids. I put three on one side and just one on the other.
I pulled everything together into a messy bun type thing. I had to use one bobby pin for that last braid that wouldn't quite stay. Then some hairspray because her hair was frizzed out!
Add a bow and some sass and there you have it! ;)
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