Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cut 'n Style

Mr. Cool and Miss Sass got new haircuts. Finally! ;) Mr. Cool was up first.... and his new look is just like he is, cool! Tara gave him a short 'do with lots of depth. She thinned it out a ton so that he can work with it a little more. He is able to spike it all on his own. And it's just too cute! ;) As is his style, Mr. Cool would only let me take a few pics and this is the only one that really came out... gotta love him!

(And can I say, he was so very tired that day. And looking at his poor little eyes, I feel bad for not forcing a nap or something! heh)
Next was Miss Sass. She is so little that even with a huge pillow on the chair, Tara couldn't get to her hair very well. So instead she stood on the floor and Tara just bent down to snip. After a couple minutes, Alex leaned back against her; it was so adorable! 
And here we are in true girl fashion, chatting away with her stylist. ;)
Tara evened up the back and added a few simple layers. She also did some sculpting around Sassy's face. After the cut, she gave her some soft curls and a quick little bobby pin at the top. It was so so cute.
I am in love with the kids new looks and they are both very happy! We love you Tara! ;)

I want to add a little extra note here. Tara has her own place, Tara Nichole Salon! It is lovely and clean and she is so professional! She was great with the kids! Her prices are very competitive and she really knows her stuff. Tara has so much to offer. And in my opinion the best part was her kind, genuine, caring nature! We give Tara Nichole Salon 5 Stars!!! If you want to check her out, take a look at her facebook page. ;)
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