Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Swimmy Do

We had another wet'n'wild days, so we needed another hair style for water time. This one turned out really cute!

Part the hair diagonally using the top half. Pull the rest out of the way. This first braid is a french knot braid. It is really simple. Start with your front section like any other french braid, but for this one you only need to pieces. Tie the two pieces once like you would start shoelaces. Next add hair by adding half of the next section to each piece and tie it again. Continue this all the way down. Secure with an elastic.
For the other side, I did a cornrow -some call it an inside-out french braid.
Finally I put a small ponytail at the very bottom to hold those tiny hairs in place. Then I pulled everything into a messy bun.

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