Monday, November 23, 2009

My Favorite Style... on an adult ;)

Finally back online after the cruise... Holidays can be so crazy! ;) Anyway, this is my go-to style when I can't think of anything else. And I found that it looks very nice on adults also. But first, here is a sunset shot I took from the ship...
Okay, so french twist braids from each side and then pulled together in back.
I started the braids just above her ears and continued them back. When I got to the back area, I stopped doing a french twist and just continued with a regular twist braid. I had her hold that while I did the other side and then I pulled them together in the middle.
I think this looked so nice! ;) A very sleek style. I loved it with her straightened hair.
Okay, so glad to be back! I have tons of new things going up in my Etsy shop. Bows make great stocking stuffers. ;) Also, I'll have one last giveaway for the year coming next week! Miss all of you, blog family! ;)

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