Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall Colors... Photography post

This week coming up at iHeart Faces has the theme Fall Colors. Since I am leaving for my cruise tonight, I decided to get a jump on things. I am posting all these pics first and later tonight I will pick one to enter...
So, photo A. My mom and I laugh about this one a lot. ;) This is Sis and her on a chilly day. We were on the other side of the park from her apartment and it started to get windy. So, I wrapped my scarf around Alex's ears and Mom did the same with her own. If you can't tell, my mom is German(not 100%, but enough;). Anyway, I just really like the feel of it.
Picture B: All three munchkins in one shot... Very Rare!!! ;) Mr. Cool was showing off his class pet which we brought to the zoo with us. Lol, it is a webkinz; he goes to eschool. ;)
Picture C: On the same day in the "jungle", an awesome, HUGE greenhouse that includes a walkthrough aquarium. So cool! ;) Anyway, Sis was peaking at a bird...
D: Sis playing in the leaves. (obviously, duh) We don't exactly have all the pretty fall colors around here, so we make our own with bold outfits! Sis, of course, chose pink! ;)
E: I was so far away from her when I took this. I was using my zoom lens and just clicking whenever one of the kids' faces turned my way. ;)
F: Oh my goodness, this is one of my favorite pictures, EVER! This was an impromptu photo shoot with big brother and it ended up being one of my favorite sessions. The kids were in the perfect mood to take pictures, it was bright but cloudy, and it was almost cold enough for a jacket, but not quite. Actually, if I send this one in, I'll probably do a little cropping. You think?
Okay, so there are my favorite pictures depicting fall colors. If you want to vote for your fav, just comment with the letter, or you can email me. ;)
And for you HAIR FOLLOWERS, sorry for the boring week! I will be back the 15th, hopefully with pics of lots of crazy hairstyles from the Western Caribbean. ;) That is if Sis doesn't make it into the top 20 for the Gap casting call, in which case we would leave the 16th and be back later that week...

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