Friday, October 1, 2010

Flashback Friday

These are some pictures from Halloween last year. I made Miss Sass's costume... except for the ears. ;) I loved it and was planning to make something similar this year. Well, you know, best laid plans and all! We have gone back and forth on ideas: Wonder Woman (that would be adorable, right?), Belle, Tinkerbell, Butterfly Princess, Pinkalicious, Queen of Hearts... The two of us haven't been able to agree and Little Miss isn't set on anything in particular. So, if you have an idea for the perfect costume for my little redhead, let me know! ;) What will you and yours be?

This one wasn't her costume, obviously. This was a skirt and hat set I sold in my ebay store last year.
And a few more of the leopard kitty/mouse she was last year. ;) You know, I had actual kitty ears, but she wanted the Mickey ears. At least they matched!

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