Sunday, October 11, 2009

Old 'do, new bows. :)

This is by far my favorite style for toddlers when mom's in a hurry. ;) I have done this one with two or three, or even four little piggies. I just parted out the top of her hair and put it in little piggies. On the last time around with the elastic, I pull the hair halfway through. Then I just kind of scatter the ends a little. Add some clippies and voila!
Here is a shot from the back, doesn't really tell you anything more... Anyway, when I made these clips I thought I was being so super creative. Then I found a lady on etsy who uses the little puffballs quite often... still cute, I think. :)
Both Gymboree and Gap have popular Apple lines, and I originally was just wanting something simple for Sis to wear. I really liked how these turned out, so I am adding them to my shop too. ;)
Thanks for stopping by... I have some exciting styles in the works... oh, and I kidnapped my hubby's camera, so at least the pics will be in more than 2mp. ;)

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