Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mixed up braids & Three Little Piggies

Sis asked me for something really fancy today, so I just took my time on this one. Actually, I had no clear idea of what I was doing until about half-way through. ;) Well, this is how it started...

I parted the top section of hair at a sharp angle and then parted the right half. I made a french braid from the middle and going out to the far right piggie. Then I took half of the hair from the right ponytail on the bottom row and added it to the far right middle piggie too.
I did basically the same thing on the left side except that I made a french twist braid this time.
Next I took the remaining loose section and did a regular braid, but I started it near the bottom. I crossed it over to the middle piggie.
I did this on the right too, but swapped it again and did a twist braid.
There are still two pieces of hair sticking out from the bottom ponies. I pulled these up to the middle piggie. Then I made messy buns. I added flower clips, but apparently didn't get pics of the finished 'do. Oops...
Still, it was adorable. And Sis loved it! ;)

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