Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lovely Updo ~ A Poof & 2 French Braids

Finally a new style! ;)
This was inspired by a style I saw on a tv show...
It was pretty easy to do, but I did adapt it a little for short hair.

I started with a simple little poof on top. I used just a touch of mousse and did a small amount of teasing/back-combing in the middle of the top section. Then brush the top smooth and add an elastic about an inch away from the head. Then pull on just the bottom part of the hair in the elastic to tighten it. This puffs up the hair a little better.
And really, you could stop there, it is cute enough. ;) Anyway, I did french braids in the remaining hair, one on each side. And I sort of braided toward the middle by taking more hair from the outside than the inside. Although I used all the hair, I put the elastic in above her hairline.
After both braids are finished, put use another elastic to hold the ends together. For short hair, this seems to be the best way to go. I twisted the pieces in and up before putting them together, but you could also do a pull-through knot. --- For longer hair, you have several options. You could just pull all the hair into a low ponytail, or do a bun. You could curl the ends or do a messy bun. It would also be cute to do the braids straight down, then split the top section in half and add it to the braids. Just a few ideas. ;) ---
Okay, so this step is difficult to explain, and obviously I'm not really that good at it anyway. ;) I took the hair in that top section and pulled it to the side turning the end up. I added the end to the ends from the braids and used an elastic to hold them together. Then just move the section back in front and mess with it 'til it looks right. Lol, yeah great instructions, huh? ;)
And to hide all those hairs I had sticking out... a flower clip! ;)
If you wanted to hide the top elastic, you could do a wrap around with the hair or use a smaller clip, I was pleased with the finished 'do and Sis loved it too. ;)
I actually think this style is kind of fancy and would look really pretty for a dance. ;)
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