Thursday, August 6, 2009

ZigZag French Piggies and a custom 4th of July Set

Okay, so I know this is rediculously late, but I wanted to show it off anyway;) This is the first full custom outfit I made for my daughter and I was just Thrilled at how it turned out! But first, here is a simple, but fun 'do that is perfect for hot days and the start of school.

Oh, and of course a little sass;)
I started with a zigzag part and held one side back with an elastic. I french braided the other side, leaving a little of the bangs out.(Sorry I don't have a tutorial for this; my camera does not do vids and there is just no good way to do step-by-step pics of a french braid. However, you should go scout around Girly Do's by Jenn and The Story of a Princess, both sites you can find in my right sidebar, for great video tutorials;)

Anyway, when I reached the bottom, I did a normal braid until I was about 2 inches from the ends of her hair, then secured with an elastic. Next, fold the end up(or do a bun for longer hair), grab another elastic and wrap in around the first one and as close to her head as possible on the braid, leaving the folded part sticking down. Then just fan out the ends and maybe spray a little. Follow with the other side, of course;)
You could add bows or flowers, etc. to liven it up. Though, as you can see, she didn't really need the help;)
This looked supercute and stayed for almost a full 4 days! --and that's in her crazy-soft hair. With a little spray in the mornings and strategic use of a rat tail comb, you could stretch it out even longer;)
The rest of these are just of the outfit. I found this material at WalMart and fell in love...
I did a really simple double layer ruffle skirt with elastic waist. In the picture above, you can see a little of the dark blue underlayer. The corset top is a very simple design also and then I just added little cap sleeves since she's so young;)
The awesome bow is made from ribbon that I got in a grab bag of all places;) I was so lucky!!! I paid 2.99 at Hobby Lobby for a bag of 25 "scrap/damaged" ribbon pieces, each 2-5 yards.
Maybe I was a little too proud of myself, but I was just amazed that I succeeded;) Lol, it really was a lot of fun to dress up my princess and she was really excited to watch the creation! Also, I made matching t-shirts for the boys, which you can check out on my other blog in about 15 min.;) Since then, I have made 5 more outfits for Sis which I will post about as I get pictures. This was SO fun!
And totally worth the cute factor! ;)

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