Saturday, August 8, 2009

An updo for short hair

I have been wanting to try this style on top, but just kept forgetting when I was actually fixing her hair. Anyway, I think this is a pretty 'do that could be worn for a wedding if you just curl the ends.

To start, I parted the hair far to one side in a sweeping sort of curvy motion(yes, I just said that;). Next I parted out each twist braid section in the same manner, holding each back with an elastic. French braids or twist braids, or even pony braids will work for this style.
I one section at a time and continued with a normal braid/twist braid when I had reached the end of the section, then secured the end with an elastic. After I had the braids finished on both sides, I gathered them all up into an elastic. Then, I was able to remove the elastics from the ends of each braid and fan out the remaining hair.
For the back, I just pulled up the hair that didn't fit up to into a ponytail and did a pull-through going up. You could do a messy bun, curls, tease, whatever to give the hair a little oomph so that the two bits blend together.

Sis still had a little that wouldn't go up, but I think it was cute and would have looked pretty with a quick curl;)
I added flowers to top off the look and was pretty happy with it. Sis was excited to have her hair "up, puddy" again;)

Before I go, I want to say thank you to everyone who responded to my last post with comments and emails. I really appreciate your feedback (both positive and honest criticism alike!) I really enjoyed making her outfit and would love to sell custom sets in the future, so your ideas and suggestions are always welcome. As always, I am honored that you have visited my blog! Thank you;)

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