Sunday, August 2, 2009

Twist and back and twist and back... piggies;)

This one turned out so super cute! ;) I think I may do this for her upcoming bday... I think it is one of the cutest I've done and Sis just loves wearing "parkles" and her candy bows, so this was a win-win;)

And, of course a gazillion pics because, well, that is one of my favorite parts of this whole deal... you know, the fun pics of my girl;)
Especially this one... I think she got it this time!!! Lol, too bad I am using my old "baby" digital for close-ups right now. It turned out just a tad grainy...
Okay, so this is the start. I started with a zigzag part, though hindsight what it is, I will tell you an easier way;) I suggest parting the sides out all the way down, leaving what could be a mohawk out. Go ahead and put the sides into elastics.
Next you'll want to take the first two little section from one side of the zigzag and do a twist braid with them, secure with an elastic.
Next, use the end of that pony and the next section on the same side of the zigzag to make another twist braid, secure with an elastic.
Continue this 'til you reach the bottom section and add all of it to the piggie.

Next, I made the piggies messy by teasing(yeah, I've been doing that a lot lately) and then I added those "parkles". This would be the two bottles of spray glitter that are left over from LAST Halloween! Hahaha, we've gotten a ton of use out of these;)
I added her streamer candy clips and that was that! As you can probably tell, she dressed herself again.
This next one is her "cwazy" face!
And a sweet, sweet smile!

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