Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halloween come early this year?

Nope, Little Miss just got excited when I rolled out my new bows for the holiday! ;)
But you can still check out this style!

This is just three simple french braids. The only thing I did different is that I made the braids fall to one side. When you add hair to each section, simply grab more from one side than the other. For these, we had parted the hair far to the left when looking from behind. So, I added more hair from the left for every row and just a small little piece to the right.
So, I added two braids to the larger side and one to the other. I put the back into a somewhat loose ponytail.
The top braid wouldn't reach to the ponytail, so I used the elastic to connect it with the lower braid.
This is just another shot of the braids attached to each other. The end hair laid nicely behind the lower braid once I had them pulled back.
I made a messy bun in the back. And then we added our new Halloween bow.

She decided to ham it up too... so goofy! Sorry again for the cruddy pics... need a better back-up camera.
She found her t-shirt from last year and I thought her little outfit she put together was adorable! ;)
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