Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting her to hold still!

I have been asked a few times how I get Sis to sit still while I fix her hair, so I thought I'd give a few tips;)

The truth is that she really loves to get her hair fixed, but she doesn't always stay still; which is why I rarely have good tutorial pics;) And she isn't the only little girl whose hair I fix regularly. But really, there are a few tricks that I use....

1. Spray bottles are miracle workers! Make sure it's for water only, and show your little one how to spray it into her mouth, fun fun fun!

2. Little girls love lotion and the like. Put a dab on each arm and leg or maybe a tube of chapstick... you'll definitely have a few focused moments.

3. In a real pinch (we're talking about being on a time crunch and there's a wedding or similar important event) let her play with a box of Kleenex. This mainly works for toddlers. You will have a mountain of tissues, but they'll be entertained;)

4. Beads and lacing string.

5. Stickers and a fun picture to decorate.

6. Favorite cartoon. This one doesn't really work for us,(no tv) but some moms swear by it;)

7. Treats that take concentration;) Pull'n'peel twizlers, Fruit Roll Ups, Pez, etc.

8. Food... breakfast can be a great distraction!

9. Sing songs or talk with her. I know this sounds silly, but focusing the attention on her instead of her hair is exactly what she needs;)

10. Your wallet/purse (or a play one). Most girls love to take the cards out and put them back.

11. Let her play with a few hairbows, elastics, clips, and bobby pins. Put them in a closed container or bag and let her get them out, put them away, and organize them.

12. Find a stopping point (or make one;) and take a short break! For example, when I did her rockstar hair... I teased it like crazy, let her run around for a few minutes with her brothers, and then finished the style!

13. Take it outside! Sure the wind might be slightly annoying, but on a nice day your daughter will love going outdoors to get her hair fixed, promise! ;)

14. Okay one more, so I don't end on an unlucky number:) Minimize other distractions. Hair time is typically alone time with mommy. For two reasons really... it gives me a definite 10-15 minutes each morning with each of my kids. And secondly, it keeps those rowdy boys from making Sis turn her head suddenly when I am in the middle of a french twist braid;)
Another tip to make things easier is to buy a button-up shirt that is a size or two big for your little one to wear while you fix her hair. With her church/school clothes underneath staying perfectly clean.
Okay, good luck with your princess; I hope some of these help!

Always have an activity/distraction and a backup on hand, but don't let her see it until she needs it (or you need it;). Make sure that you do her hair more often without helps like snacks/etc. than you do with(even if it means doing ponytails every other day;) It really will make a difference if you only pull out the really special ones (meaning the ones that really enthrall her) at times when you don't have any other choice. This way the excitement and newness of it won't wear off and you will have that secret weapon when you really need it!
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