Friday, August 28, 2009

3 French Braid Styles

So, the entries are in and a winner is being chosen;) While you wait to hear the results, I thought you might like to see a few variations on the french braid. This is a group of adorable girls at our church. Two weeks ago, we were missing a teacher for the school age class. Since I am the nursery director, I just took all the kids outside to play. Being mostly girls, we ended up having a hair party;)

This was super easy to do and it looked way cute! I just did a simple braid on the side and then layed it across her head. I added it to one of the three beginning sections for the french braid, which I just did sideways, nothing special. "A" loved it!
And this little princess, who is not related in any way(lol!) wanted a braid but fast. So, I just french braided the top half and gathered everything in a pony.
Sorry the pics are a little dark, hope you can see the style. This was really pretty in person;)
And last is one of the cutest little girls;) She requested this style specifically. It is just two frech braids, but only in the top half and I started with a side part. I also braided down a little before doin the elastics. This keeps the hair from pulling and is more comfortable.
Styles like this are popular for gymnast and dancers because they look cute down, but the hair is out of the face and can be pulled up quickly!

So cute!
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