Friday, July 31, 2009

Three french braids and a new bow!

I spent yesterday calling Sis Fancy Nancy. Partly because she had dressed herself and even picked out the bow, but also because everything she saw was "fabulous!" ;)

For this 'do I just did three french braids in the top half of her hair and left the rest down. I did a super messy(lots of teasing) bun and added a big bow;) Voila! -Though, to be honest, if I did this one again, I would make the middle braid smaller...
We had a craft show mid July at our church and I made a crazy number of new bows'n'such. So, Sis has been wearing a new bow everyday. This pair is her favorite so far(she's only wearing one of them)!
Oh, and I had to show off her style! Sorry for the blurriness, btw, I am using only my telephoto because my regular lens was broken at the Gorilla exhibit at our Zoo--yeah, that's another story! Anywho, she is wearing some pink capris under the dress.
And this last one, hahaha! She has been trying to perfect this over-the-shoulder look for some time! Thanks Jenn over at Girly Do's, you inspire my daughter. Well, Beans does anyway! ;)

And that's my cutie pie!
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