Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back from Hiatus... with a new pixie cut!

Okay, so, this is the last real 'do we did before her new cut. Actually, I was sad after I cut her hair the first time. I think because it was just shorter, but I hadn't given her a style or anything. Anyway, this is just a french twist braid... something I've done a zillion times;)
And here is the top view, pretty style!  ...........

Okay, here it is! The first look at Alex's new pixie look. Now she has some sass to go with her... well, sass! ;)
This is the best one I could find to show how I fixed it. Since her hair was wet after we had finished cutting it, I blowed dried it gently for a few minutes. Next I took a 1" curling iron and flipped out the ends slightly. This took about a minute.
Next I just did a random zigzagish part and added a clip to keep her bangs back. No product or anything, so this got a little smooshed in the car, but it bounced back. This last picture is about and hour after we arrived at our destination...
Yep, pretty stinkin' cute!

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