Friday, May 8, 2009

Zigzag headband and a messy ponytail

Okay, before you say anything, yes! I totally cheated and used this same picture on my other blog today. You just get to enjoy it twice:)

I did this style twice. This one turned out way better! I tried to cover the elastics the second time I did it, but Alex does not have quite enough hair for that:) If your little on does, you can use a little piece of hair from each section and tie a knot around the elastic. Yeah, maybe I'll show you what I mean in a few months:)
Okay, so, the most important part of this style, was the part:) I did a zigzag straight across the top. Then I put the section behind each little point into an elastic, starting from one side and going all the way across, and adding the hair from the previous section to the next pony. Go it? :)
We ended on this side and I added one more elastic to hold the hair behind her ear, though the wind uncovered it for me:)
I pulled up the hair just behind the "headband" and made a little messy bun. The second time I did this, I made a big poof with this pony by ratting it like crazy and adding some hairspray. It was super cute!
Oh, and check out that look... I promise, I didn't do it!
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