Friday, April 3, 2009

Something for Easter

I just love how this turned out... so pretty! We did this for dance class yesterday, it stayed through class, naptime, and playtime!
I know this is a silly picture, but you get the idea of how I started. Sis has bangs, so I almost always put the front in a little pony to get them out of her face for dance.

I twisted that little section. You could combine it with the next pony or just pin it, we'll hide that later. I positioned this so it covered the part between the two bigger ponies.

I made a diagonal part starting right behind the little pony and then across and down the other side. The middle pony is on her crown and the bottom one I set to the right side.

Then I made a bun from each pony. I used a little hairspray to keep down the wispies a little. I had planned to show my directions in this post, but it will be in the next, promise! I know, that will make 4 for today...

I added a flower clip to either side and got the sweetest little style!

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