Friday, April 17, 2009

She'a a Kansas Princess

Lol, okay so here she is, my Kansas Princess... bafefoot in the drive, her baby and her rubberband gun in tow! This was at the end of the day when all her bangs had fallen down, but she was still too cute!
This was super simple today....
I just separated out the front, put the rest in a pontytail. Then I parted and pulled back the front. I pulled it all into a half-bun and added the bow! Oh, and a bobby pin on each side for her bangs.
My silly girl... trying to convince me she is 10:) We were picking out new phones (I got the BB Storm, LOVE it!!) I told the kids they had to wait til at least 10 to get their own real phone.
She wanted to wear this new bow... I had to figure out something for such a big bow on such a tiny head! I actually used the bow to help hold up the half-bun.
I like the way this one looked from the sides too. It was super cute! I fixed my hair the same way, well, minus the bow:) She like being twinkies with mommy for the day!

Isn't she just too cute? ... I think so:)
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