Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rainbow sunset... and some twisty piggies!

I took a few pictures of the evening sky today and just casually thought about posting them. After I read CT's post, I decided I will! Well, here you go...

 Sis is the one who noticed the beautiful pink and purple tonight. She started yelling at us to come look at the rainbow outside:) The sky was a perfect blue and there were just a couple clouds along the horizon... it was just amazing!
Okay, so now for some hair:) I would love to give credit to someone for this style, but I really don't remember where I saw it, or the something similar that inspired it:) There are a lot like this out there. In fact, my mom used to do stuff like this to my hair to keep me from messing with the headband.
I put Sis's bangs back first, then separated the section right behind from the rest of her hair. Next I made a zig zag part into pigtails. I divided the section left out into two parts and placed the headband between.
For the twists, I started with a piece in front of the headband and started twisting, then added a piece from the other side. I twisted all the way back and then secured it with an elastic over the original for the piggies.
After I was all done twisting here, I took out some of the first elastics... you don't have to, though. You could just stop here for a very sweet look, but I twisted the hair into "lazy" buns. Voila!
Lots of compliments today! I was going to add some ribbon pieces to the back, but just ran out of time. It looked super cute and stayed all day... here she is reading at bedtime.
I'll probably do this one a lot more, so fun!
I am adding some links! Thanks to Audrey at Hair Between My Fingers
for reminding me where I saw the style that inspired me:) It was at Girly Do's (of course!)
Jenn is so incredibly creative! Check it out!
Also, for the blog that inspired me to post my sunset pics! Thanks CT! (You don't mind me sending folks to you, right?:)

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