Sunday, April 12, 2009

Princess Braids

Well, I had more blur today... I had the camera set on macro for some reason:) Sis wanted princess hair, so I decided to do something with just the top half. I separated the sections I wanted to use with clips. I did the same thing on each side, though it looks a little different.

I used a smaller section on this side and I think it came out a little better. I did a French braid down right behind her bangs. She still has shorter hair at the front, so I couldn't just go into the french braid. Once I got to the bottom, I continued the french braid back to the crown of her head. I wasn't worried about being perfect... we wanted something somewhat relaxed.
To keep the braids low, I took a lot more hair from the top than below the braid. When I got to the back, I combined the two braids. I have no idea how to tell you to do this:) I just sort of add the sections together so I have just three pieces of hair.
I braided the rest of the hair to the bottom then did a partial pull-through letting the ends stick up through the top. Sis has natural curl at the bottom of her hair, so I didn't have to do much there.
I added a little curl'n'style... it is for black hair, but I love the stuff! If you use just a little, it really helps natural curls perk up and stay. We just keep at the ends where the curl is:)

After all that, I ended up with a perfect little angel!(Though my husband says I'm a little biased:)
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