Friday, April 3, 2009

A perfect Ballerina Bun

Well, this blog features mega-crazy fly aways and a super easy, super cute way to make a bun(yours does not have to have fly aways)... But, as promised, here it is (hey, it's still Friday!)
So, just ignore all those wisps from the Kansas wind and try to see the style:) Sis wanted to be outside and I was just taking these to show how I make my bun stay againts her head, so I hope it doesn't drive you too crazy!

Do you remember that first ponytail on top of baby's head? It made the hair look like a little fountain, so adorable! Well, that "fountain" is exactly what you're going for here. Okay, terrible pic... sorry! Hopefully you get the idea, just grab all the hair in the fountain with your fingers, you want it to stay in a circle.

Then put an elastic around it...
Using the comb instead of just pulling the hair out with my fingers, gets an even amount all the way around.

Use your finger to hold the hair against the head, then pin it down. This may look like a typical bun, but because of the pony, the hair is already in place, it just needs to be held down.

I did the boof a little different this time. I just stick my rat tail comb in the hair straight across, then pushing up gently, move it front to back, keeping it level. You can do just the top layer for less poof. You want to do the hair at the front last for a smooth look. Add hairspray to hold.

Can you see that little boof on top, I love that:)

Most days I would do this with slightly damp hair and a little gel or polmade, then finish the whole thing with hairspray... oh, and maybe do it inside!

I didn't worry about the little pieces sticking out, actually I left them on purpose this time. You can tuck them in. If your little one has longer hair you can let the rest of the hair fall, put curls in it, or wrap it around the outside.

I know, a billion pics here, but I wanted to show that you can get this smooth all the way around.

And my favorite part, that adorable little girl!

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