Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Moderate Mess... For Boys:)

This is a cute, easy style for boys. My little guy is growing his hair out a little and it is crazy in this in between phase:) I wish I had a before pic... he has super soft, super straight hair that sticks straight out from his head! He looks like a fuzzy baby hedgehog:)

This is what the top looks like when finished... out of order, sorry!

And then the back, see that nice cowlick right at his crown?

Okay, so to start this one off, I goop his hair up with all sorts of stuff. Today I used gel, mud, and hairspray... yes all three together! May sound funny, but it works for us.

I grab patches of hair and then give them a good twist, hold it for a few seconds. I do it all over the top. The sides I just smooth down, no big fuss about making it perfect.

This is the result of the twisting. For today's style, I did three rows of twists. Sorry for the cruddy pics... still on macro:(

Gently pat the hair down. His naturally sticks up, so this is necessary for us. You might not pat all the way down, but still pat it a little.

I use my fingers as a comb of sorts to fluff the hair back up. I know this sounds like I'm doing things over, but skipping any of these steps gets a totally different look:)

He loves the front sticking straight up like Leo from Little Einstein's. I just grab the hair at the front near the scalp and pinch while pulling up. I sprayed the whole thing with hairspray. That soft hair means I have to use everything to keep it in place!

Just look at those puppy dog eyes:)
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