Friday, April 3, 2009

Messy bun for the princess or rocker!

Okay, so I hope you'll forgive my crazy directions. By looking at other hair blogs, I have found that the best way to learn is usually with pictures
This was just too cute not to put up:) Peekaboo!

I know I didn't do the best job on these, but it looked great after it was finished. Sis has bangs, so I had to put two on this side.

After we did this side, I got a nice "bouf" by taking sections of hair on the top and back-combing them. Then I just smoothed out the top when I put it in the pony.

This was last Wednesday and she wore this with her Harley jacket and jean skirt. It was absolutely adorable, and of course, I somehow managed to get zero pictures of it... I know, me who always has her camera!

We started with a messy bun, but it wasn't quite enough(she doesn't have much hair). So, I took the bun out and just scrunched away while spraying lightly with hairspray. Sis has a little bit of natural curl which helped with this. You can curl it with an iron if you need something to work with, then pull the hair up and let a little fall at a time while spraying. Several ways to get this messy pony!

I like the look, so the next day for dance class, I did it again. This time, of course, she had to have a girly pink headband:) We did a smaller "bouf" this time. I didn't back-comb, I just put it in the pony then used a rat tail comb by sliding it under the hair in front and gently pulling it out. You can spray if you need extra hold. I am going to put up another post right after this with directions for my messy bun, so I won't put them here, just check back in a few hours. (I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting for it... watch a few old episodes of Lost and I'll have it up:)

I love to putting Sis's hair in a messy bun, it is easy, quick and oh-so-cute! Jenn at Girly Do's posted a super-cute one today... (you have to click the link:)
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