Sunday, April 5, 2009

French twist braids down and up... 2 for 1 again... Easter

Yeah! For those who checked this one earlier, sorry about the empty post:) But, here it is...
This first picture is actually from the second day we used those twist headbands. It is also after church and a nap, so there are a few wispies. But, it is a good close-up of the style. It is also out of order, but I think you'll manage:)

Okay, we did this one on Saturday for a birthday party. Sis wanted to wear her cowgirl boots, so I had to find something to go with it!
We settled on two french twist braids to make a headband. It was a windy day, so we pulled her bangs back too. When I got to the spot right behind her ear, I switched to just a regular twist braid and secured it at the end with an elastic.
For the rest of the hair I did two sections and just made one big twist braid. I wanted this to be loose, she is a cowgirl, right? I secured that along with the side braids. Then I took the elastics off the little braids so they wouldn't show at the bottom. Add a flower, and Voila! For longer hair you could continue the middle twist braid down, or do a bun, etc. (We aren't quite there yet:)
Her little face looked so pretty with the twists around it!

A perfect little cowgirl!

The next morning, we were in a rush for church and Sis still had those sweet little twists by her face, so I left them. Starting at the bottom of the remaining hair, I made another french twist braid. At the top, I secured it with a pony, then made a bun. And of course, added a bow:)

Now see there, my little princess does not always want me to take her picture:)

I think either of these could look really pretty for Easter.

Please check out the awesome video tutorial and gorgeous style at The Story of a Princess...
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