Monday, April 20, 2009

The Fauxhawk, pre-tweens, and David Boreanaz.

Okay, so this is inspired the look David Boreanaz wore when he played Angel on Buffy (anybody remember that?)... My little man likes it when I fix his hair a new way. Dad has always shaved the boys hair to about a 1/4 inch. I talked him into giving me at least one year of longer hair:) Although, they are in need of trims!
In any case, this is a cute 'do. I made a messy fauxhawk this time since he has so much hair on the sides right now. It is super easy and can be adjusted and altered into several looks. I basically just goop up his hair with strong gel, comb everything up and to the middle from the sides. Because my guy has curly hair, I then brushed the comb very lightly across the crest of hair to send the curls up a little. And aren't these kids just too adorable... flirting already!
And there you have it! My little charmer... Such a cutie:)
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