Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A braid, two piggies, and some twists.

I didn't really know how this would work out, so I didn't even think to take pics as I was doing it. Hopefully you will know how to do most of this. I'll just describe it the best I can. I really do like this one. I think I will do this again for Sunday morning church.
I started with a diagonal part across the top and put the sides in loose pigtails. I left the bottom section, from the mid-ear down, out of the two piggies. Next I sectioned out the front two pieces to make a "headband". I french braided the larger side and put the other side into a ponytail close to her scalp. The placement of the parts is easier to see in pictures.

I know it's a funny pic, but it shows the top really well.
Maybe you can see it here, when I put the "headband" in, I used hair from the piggies and the lower section. After the headband is finished, you can put the piggies in tight.
Next, I sectioned the bottom hair into 4 parts. These are twists that I then criss-crossed. I added the extra hair from the headband pieces in with the twists. To add all this to the piggies, I just used another rubberband over the first and included all the hair on each side. To get the messy bun, I just wrap the hair around very loosely and then put another band around it. Then I pull on the pieces a little to get a more relaxed look.
The back looked so sweet! I saw a style similar to this on The Story of A Princess, but couldn't remember what post it was.(check my links to find her blog)

No sass here...

Oh, there's that sweet smile I was looking for:)

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