Friday, April 24, 2009

And... pull through again, and again!

This turned out way cuter than I expected! I was really just trying to get everything up out of the way... and I wanted to be sure it would stay all day!

It did stay, of course, all those ponies:) I started by parting out the front section. I put it into a pony and did the pull-through, then combined that hair with the section on one side. I am a big fan of side parts, which you can probably tell:)
I put the hair from the other side into it's own pull-through. Next I combined both pieces from the top and the next section of hair into a pull-through. I did one more section down and then the last section at the bottom, I flipped up.
This turned out so cute! And I just love the way her little bit of curl in the back bounced while she walked around:)
Btw, these pics are from the awesome Earth Day celebration at our Zoo! My princess got to take home this beautiful yellow snapdragon, and the boys got to hold a crayfish. Lol! They had a blast:)

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