Thursday, April 30, 2009

5-in-1, are you ready for this? :)

We survived! :) Sis is feeling much better after her little sick week. She is still on antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine(that's right, the good stuff:) It actually helps a ton, but she cannot stand the taste! Anyway, we are back online and happy to say nobody else is sick!
 Okay, so this is pretty simple, just a bunch of twists all over her head. You can do fewer if you like, but I just love this look on my little girl!

I put the elastics at the base right in the middle of each section, except for the one in the front. I pulled it all the way to one side to give the illusion of a side part. Please excuse the sleepy look, this was last Wednesday when she was super yucky feeling and on tylenol and ibuprofen...
I wanted to do something fun, so I alternated different geometric shapes for the parts.(you know, triangles, squares, rectangles, diamonds... yeah, you know) I was originally only planning to do the front sections and then pull the rest into three piggies, but Alex just fell in love with the twists!

This is the best shot I got of the top... I tried to use just her bangs for the front sections so she could still have those down in front. This was the day we went to the doctor and everyone loved her hair! We left the twists in for two days... then took out just the end elastics and the look was so adorable! I just loved this! Okay, so the best thing about all this was how easy bathtime became:) Since we mostly stayed in, I didn't feel too bad about just washing her roots and a quick rinse for the rest. And, yes, the twists held up just fine.
These next two pics are out of order... this one is after I had taken out the other elastics the next day. I just grabbed the hair into super messy pigtails and then used some cute clips to hold the hair down to her head. This was so fun and so so cute!
Okay, this one is from the day we took out the first elastics and I love how the twists shaped the hair:) Because of my creative parts, I wasn't able to do even pigtails... Sis didn't really care though:) I think next time I do this, I will zigzag part the hair into piggies and then make the other sections from that. blah, blah, blah:) Okay, so I'm a little talky today! This last one is possibly my fav! I let everthing down and then just pulled up the front. This really looked adorable! It reminded me of Angelina's? hair in that movie... Gone in 60 seconds?(not sure if that's right, but I remember the hair, lol!) We went to the Y and the girls in the play zone just went nuts over it:)
Well, I'm glad to be back and I hope at least one of you enjoys my 5 day style:)

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