Friday, March 27, 2009

Young Elizabeth Swan... Fancy style!

 Sis's big brothers are having a POTC (Pirates of the Carribean) birthday party, so we had to have our own litte Elizabeth Swan. This hairstyle was inspired by the young Miss Swan from the first POTC. I just love the way it turned out!

This is how our new look began. I divided the hair just past the crown, but left a little triangle out in front. I started with wet hair, you can do the curls with damp or dry hair.
I divided the triangle into four sections. The back two I twisted until they started to turn in, making the little circles. I just pinned these down; they stayed very well. To get the front two pieces to stand up a little, I combed them forward before I twisted them back. With longer hair, you could just add the ends with the pony instead of using bobby pins.

For this part, I just twisted several pieces and pinned them around the pony. I changed it later:)

I showed spiral curls in another post and this is another way to get them to stay all day. You want to curl the hair in the shape it will stay in. The traditional way to curl with an iron is to roll the hair over itself. Those curls will fall out, but if you curl it like this, you will get a better shape for spirals and it will last much longer. Also, to get a lot of volume, curl VERY small sections of hair and make sure to use a flexible hairspray and some molding putty/mud/glue/wax/etc. This will give the curls definition and awesome hold! I took these pictures right after we were done, but the look will soften up a bit without falling after about 20 min.

After I had all the curls done, the top didn't look quite right. It would have worked better for those with more hair. Sis just needed more poof! I took out what I had done and curled it in several pieces.

Next, I just bobby pinned the pieces around the ponytail. This is simple and relaxed, but held for a very long time and looked so elegant.

This turned out so perfect!

A beautiful curtsy

And a sweet little smirk!

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