Monday, March 30, 2009

What, someone has done this already?!?!?!

Lol, what did I expect? That I was the first ever to create a hair blog? :) I was so terribly excited to find a blog called "The Story of A Princess and Her Hair" and there I found links to an entire world of hair! Her blog alone was enough to make my head explode, but then to find that there were all these other moms out there doing the same thing... WOW! And so, I have completely thrown myself into their world. I am joining a community of amazing women who have the same fun daily activities that I do! I honestly spent so much time searching the web that I was amazed to find these blogs actually existed. But enough of that... I am hereby a hair blogger and I gladly send you to check out the incredible moms and girls I have discovered. Although I am fairly certain they do not mind, I am awaiting permission before adding any of these blogs to my links. However, as I receive that go-ahead, you will see several new blog links pop up. There are two already, and you won't be disappointed with what you find there!

Okay, and now for a little note about copyrights and credit, etc. I will always do my best to say where I got an idea. However, to be honest, I have spent the last week looking at page after page of styles and I simply might not be able to find the post that I got my inspiration from. Also, my hairstyles are a combination of the things I learned from my Momma, Grandma, and two sisters, as well as the crazy things I tried with my own hair in high school. Then there are also the things I have seen on actors, in modeling ads, on other girls at the park, etc. And of course the other wonderful moms and their blogs, so please don't be upset if you see something that might be yours! If you think it is your design, just send a message and I will happily link to your do. Okay, thanks for letting me take care of that little bit of business! Lol, I am sure all three of my followers right now will certainly feel better:)

Oh, that's one more thing I should mention. I am, on occasion, a little sarcastic...
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