Friday, January 2, 2009


So, Christmas was a time to go overboard, and then be completely lazy:)

This was the mommy had too much time today look... I spiral curled Sis's hair piece by piece while she watched Daddy play video games. The trick with spirals is to use a small curling iron, put styling cream/glue/putty on each section of hair before curling it and then wrap the hair around the curling iron.

So, instead of the way you normally curl hair by grabbing the section at the bottom and rolling it up, you just stick the curling iron near the scalp, grab the section of hair with you fingers and wrap it around the curling iron. Hold it for a few seconds and your good. You can curl the end when you are finished. You will have a nice spiral that will stay all day. I suggest spraying it with hairspray when all the hair is curled.

This was a fun simple little up-do that looked very cute. It is an upside-down inside-out ponytail. Make a pontytail, then pull it loose a teeny bit. Stick a comb or your finger through the middle in front of the pony, then stick the whole thing through. You can go up or down, it still looks cute:) I added a sparkly barrette to dress it up.

Here is the mommy has no time because she's wrapping presents and the world won't stop to let her look. We went to Botanical Gardens and everyone there thought she was adorable. Lol, she is a cutie:)
And here is the mommy is getting stressed with the holidays so she'll hide it with a big bow look:) Honestly, Sis loved this bow and she was wearing her new princess shirt, so she didn't much care about anything else:)

Happy New Year! Okay, so I was being lazy again, but I wasn't lazy when I made the bow, does that count?:) This bow was a huge hit!
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