Monday, December 1, 2008


The most important part of any hairstyle is healthy hair!
Sis got her first trim over the summer from a friend of the family. It was helpful to be in a comfortable environment. She also watched her Godmommy get a haircut first. It was a blast and her hair was so much easier to work with.
And a bonus... I loved the cute little pony she put on top of Sis's head:) This one is a great no-fuss do that looks super cute!
A few weeks after Sis's cut, she decided give herself bangs! Mommy wasn't very happy! She still looked adorable of course, but it was certainly more challenging to fix her hair. The lesson learned here, don't set scissors down in front of a two-year-old (oops!:)
I have to admit, I am getting really excited about the Christmas season, so we really dressed up yesterday!:)
My sis-in-law straightened her daughter's hair last week, and it was so cute! So, I tried it on Sis. I gave her a big-girl updo by gathering the top half of her hair, twisting it gently and tucking it under. This only took 3 bobbypins to secure, then I added a flower for fun! She looked so pretty and "grown-up"

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