Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I love this stage because Sis had natural bangs, and they looked very pretty. 
 I was finally able to get all of her hair up! Pigtails remain a favorite, but now we can get a little more creative! 

I saw a little girl while on vacation who had the style that is in the third photo. And I just fell in love. I probably could have managed this one even earlier, but didn't know about it. I just parted the hair down the middle and then parted each half into sections. This is by far the easiest up-do:) This can be worn for everyday, but looks really lovely with dresses. Plus, it stays up all day. This picture is after my daughter's nap, so you can see it held up pretty well.

Last pic is another adorable style. I just used tiny claw clips to pull back 4 or 5 little bits of hair on top of her head. this is super easy to do, and re-do when needed.

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